The following Macintosh applications have been prepared to assist in the design task. They are not available for Windows operating systems.

While every care has been taken to ensure the correctness of the following applications, they are intended for educational rather than commercial use and no liability is accepted if they are not used as intended.
A compressed application may be downloaded by clicking its name below, and is ready to run after being expanded by Stuffit Expander or a similar .sit file decompressor.
The Pascal source code makes extensive use of the Mac OS Toolbox, and is available on request on the understanding that authorship credit is retained always with the code.
  brakes analyses twin rigid shoe brakes for sensitivity, torque, bearing loads etc
  FEM1 finite element analysis of two-dimensional linear elastic systems
  fillet welds analyses fillet welded planar joints consisting of a number of straight runs
  motors assists selection of a squirrel cage motor for a given duty & acceleration time
  springs facilitates the fatigue design of round wire steel compression springs
  steel spur gears analyses steel spur gears for safety against strength and wear failure
  tooth generator simulates manufacture of an involute gear tooth by rack generation
  V-belts selects V-belt drives suitable for a defined duty
  FEX00 specimen datafile for FEM1
  heads data base for pressure vessel design

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