Design Cookbook: Physics Problems

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The problems on this page introduce different elements of the table and briefly capture some of the basic physics analysis of each element.  As you progress through the first few weeks of the course, you should complete similar analyses based on your strategies and concepts.  But remember, the analysis in each problem and solution covers only the basic physics.  In the real world, you must extend these basic physics principles into a complete analysis based on the components in your actual machine and incorporate these results into tools such as a power budget, energy budget, error budget, etc.

Problem Set

Pure Physics Focus Design Challenge:  “The Big Dig” 2.007 Contest Problems Solutions


Kinematics: One Dimensional Motion, Velocity and Acceleration Table Familiarization problem_1.pdf None


Kinematics in One and Two Dimensions Scoring Strategies:  Travel Times to Scoring Zones problem_2.pdf Solution_02.pdf


Newton's Laws of Motion, Motion: Force, Mass, and Acceleration, Vectors in Physics Scoring Concept Investigation:  Shot-Put Vehicle problem_3.pdf Solution_03.pdf


Uniform Circular Motion Platter Strategies:  Ball Liberation problem_4.pdf Solution_04.pdf


Universal Law of Gravitation; Circular Planetary Orbits Evaluation of Scoring Concepts:  Spinner vs. Plower problem_5.pdf Solution_05.pdf


Static Equilibrium and Torque, Work-Kinetic Energy Theorem, Work Done by Friction and other Dissipative Forces Hockey Puck Handling Strategies problem_6.pdf Solution_06.pdf


Motion With Dissipative Forces, Potential Energy, Conservation of Energy Hockey Puck Handling Concepts problem_7.pdf Solution_07.pdf


Conservation of Energy: Restoring Forces and Harmonic Motion, Center of Mass, Momentum, Impulse and Newton's Second Law Ball Pyramid breaking Strategies problem_8.pdf Solution_08.pdf


Momentum and Collision Theory, Rigid Bodies Kinematics Ball Pyramid breaking Concepts problem_9.pdf Solution_09.pdf


Torque, Rotational Dynamics, Physical Pendulum, Angular Momentum Paddle Spinning Strategies problem_10.pdf Solution_10.pdf


Angular Momentum, Rotation and Translation Paddle Spinning Concepts problem_11.pdf Solution_11.pdf


Kinetic Theory, Temperature and Internal Energy and Work Done by Ideal Gas, Second Law of Thermodynamics, Mechanical Equivalent of Heat Pneumatic Energy Storage Strategy problem_12.pdf Solution_12.pdf


Planetary Motion and Energy Diagrams, Bohr Atom, Applications of Mechanics to Everyday Life Pneumatic Energy Concept problem_13.pdf Solution_13.pdf


Applications of Mechanics to Everyday Life: The 2.007 Design contest Assembling Module Concepts into a Final Machine to Realize Your Chosen Contest Wining Strategy! problem_14.pdf Solution_14.pdf