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Microprocessors are at the heart of every computer and most electronic devices that we use today. Microprocessors are everywhere from mobile phones to cars and factory assembly lines. Microprocessors are important not just to engineers but to everyone.

GPS portable navigation system

GPS portable navigation system

On these web pages, you will find multimedia material to support the teaching aims of this part of the first-year Digital Circuits and Information Processing course. You will become familiar with the hardware and basic operation of microprocessors, memory and the associated electronic circuits, which are required to build microprocessor based systems. You will also gain insights into the engineering relevance and application of microprocessor based systems, and understand microprocessor operation at the assembly-code level.



ARM microprocessors are the most widely used processors in the world today - 1.66 billion ARM processor units were shipped in 2005! Arguably among the most advanced systems in their class, ARM processors are a Cambridge success story. The ARM processor architecture will be used to provide concrete examples of how the theory is implemented in the real world.