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The MDP project is a Cambridge-MIT Institute funded project.

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CMI Multidisciplinary Design Project

Welcome to the Multidisciplinary Design Project (MDP) Website. The MDP is part of a Cambridge-MIT Institute (CMI) programme to develop teaching resources to enhance undergraduate teaching.

This website is for the most part a copy of the resources found on the MDP's Engineer's Desktop and Library (EDaL) system. The EDaL system primarily available as a DVD (but also a CD and a USB image) has been developed to offer users a suite of 'free' programs and resources aimed at helping them to undertake cross-discipline engineering projects. The website is maintained to:- NB The web copy of the resources does not contain all the manuals, library documents and resources that are available on the EDaL system itself. Please contact the Primary Investigators if you wish to obtain further information.

The disk is arranged into a number of main sections:

About the MDP:

Information about the CMI funded MDP initiative, the team working on the project and how you can become involved.

MDP EDaL Disk:

Information about the EDaL disk and its history. Details on how to configure the EDaL disk system, a FAQ section, together with information and tutorials associated with the application packages on the CD.


A library of general resources for students working on multidisciplinary projects including engineering text books, data sheets, short study documents, and engineering calculation tools.

MDP Microcontroller system.:

Information and support material relating to the microcontroller system developed as part of the MDP.


Resources for educators running or starting multidisciplinary design courses including the MDP Kit of mechatronic components and useful course materials.

Forum etc:

Links to the MDP support forum and various off-site supporting resources.


Contact information for the primary investigators.