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Balloon Board

Expansion Boards

Software Development

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MDP Microprocessor Board

Image of bare Balloon 3 board Cased Balloon 3

As part of the MDP a joint project has been undertaken with the to develop an Open Hardware Design low cost microprocessor/controller system. The system has been designed to enable universities to use a single platform for in a range of applications from microcomputer fundamentals through system control and programming for embedded processors to fpga programming and serious data acquisition systems. The system is supported by a web-based introduction, teaching material for staff and a number of additional interface boards.

Microprocessor board specification

The current board is based on a 533MHz PXA270 Xscale microprocessor, please see the MDP and the websites for up-to-date information relating to availability. (N.B. The website also contains links to additional information and details about previous versions of the BalloonBoard based on a StrongARM 1110.)

Expansion Boards

A number of expansion boards have been designed, including a general purpose power/interface board, Colour/Mono LCD interface board, and various I2C driven boards.

Software Development

A number of Software libraries and modifications have been written to support the Balloon and add extra functionality to the MDP EDaL disk, including a ARM cross-compiler & a Java based ARM Assembler editor/simulator. This work is in progress please see the MDP and the websites for more information.