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Application Home pages

The following table lists the homepages of most of major applications. The homepages often contain links to application specific frequently Asked Questions (faq) sections, user groups/forums and access to downloads for other architectures and operating systems.

NameDescription Homepage
Knoppix Base System, hardware configuration.
Mozilla Firefox Web browser
Open Office Office Suite
LaTeX Document Preparation
Octave Computation Language
The Gimp Graphics Program
GCC C++ Programming Language
Brandy Basic Programming Language
GEDA Electronics Design
FVWM Window manager and Desktop
Java Runtime environment for Java programs
Xfe File explorer
Emacs Text editor
GV Postscript file viewer
Xpdf PDF file viewer
Gftp File transfer
Xfig Diagram drawing
Gonvert Scientific units conversion
GPeriodic Periodic Table
Jarnal Graphical Interaction
wxMaxima Symbolic Manipulation
Ganttproject Project Management