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As part of the MDP project a standard `kit' of engineering components and materials is being defined. The kit is meant to contain the base items required to undertake the standard projects being developed under the MDP. This is being undertaken in collaboration with Farnell Premier Plc, who are assisting in collecting data and in setting up a worldwide distribution system that will allow items to have common part numbers throughout the world.

Access to the kit information is available in two ways,

The basic database structure has been constructed and trial paper and on-line catalogues are available from the links below. It is planned to make a beta release available for the academic year 2004-05. The driving software allows kits to be course specific (including language and currency) and to link to second source suppliers where applicable. General access to this functionality will be made available in later releases.

(Note - Items indicated (tbc) are "To Be Completed")

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