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Student Resources

The primary source for student resources is through the MDP EDaL disks, which can be custom configured for a university or school. Many of these resources are duplicated on this website. Note not all resources are available on all versions of the EDaL disks, due to loccal rstrictions or requirements.

The student specific resources are arranged into a number of main sections:

Information for Engineers:

Engineering Info and Databooks: General design engineering support material, e.g. Text books, Data Books, short study documents ( Design Process, Project Management, Sustainable Development ...).

Engineering Calculations: A selection of pre-written spreadsheets and Octave scripts covering a number of standard engineering problems. The codes can be used as or as parts of the user's code.

MDP "Kit": Catalogue of parts in the MDP kit and associated datasheets.

Course Material: Course specific material. By default, this section contains information about the Integrated Design Project course run at Cambridge and the 2.007 course run at MIT. This data can be removed or added to by individual establishments.

Information and tutorials for programs on the CD:

Desktop Apps: Information and tutorials associated with the general desktop applications that may be included on the CD, e.g. web browsing, word processing, mail, presentations.

Engineering Apps: Manuals and tutorials on engineering packages that may be included on the CD, e.g. CAD, programming (C/C++, Fortran), Octave (matrix manipulation), Spice, PCB layout.