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Resources for Educators

The resource center for educators is currently under construction on the MDP website and associated bulletin boards. The resources includ PDF copies of the Powerpoint/Impress files used on the 2.007 course at MIT, see direct links given below. In addition a sample of a related presentation by Prof. Slocum on designing design engineers is also available below.

Prof Slocum has also made available a presentation on Designing Design Engineers (3.5MB).

Also, a detailed description of the 1999 2.007 contest table design process is available.

Lecture Number Lecture Slides
Topic 1 Design is a Process (2.7 Mb)
Topic 2 Creation of Ideas (3.1 Mb)
Topic 3 Fundamental Mechanical Design Principles (3.1 Mb)
Topic 4 Linkages (2.9 Mb)
Topic 5 Power Transmission Components (4.3 Mb)
Topic 6 Screws and Gears (8.4 Mb)
Topic 7 Force, Torque and Power Sources (4.1 Mb)
Topic 8 Structures (4.0 Mb)
Topic 9 Structural Interfaces (6.4 Mb)
Topic 10 Designing with Bearings (2.1 Mb)
Topic 13 Ethics (0.5 Mb)
Extra Lecture Screws, Gears, and Power Budget Example (1.1Mb)
Extra Lecture Motor Calculations and Power Budget Example (150Kb)