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Desktop Applications

The MDP EDaL disc has a number of standard office and general desktop applications installed. Most applications are available by clicking Start button, left hand end of the task bar, and accessing the Programs menu. Most of the packages have on-line help and/or tutorials. In some cases additional tutorials or sample files are available linked from this page. It is hoped that the packages supplied will give a fully functioning desktop environment. If you find any critical application missing please contact the MDP team with details.

Note - The packages and documentation supplied is being continously upgraded. Some items that are still being developed may be indicated (tbc) are "To Be Completed"

Wordprocessing/Spreadsheet/Presentation - OpenOffice

OpenOffice is a suite of general purpose desktop applications which are Microsoft Office compatible. Included below are some simple introductions from the OpenOffice documentation project and sample documents. Further documentation is available on line at (General Suport and information is available from

Web Browser, Mail tool - Mozilla

Text Editor - Emacs

Document Preparation - LaTeX/TeX / DTP

Multimedia Graphics/Images

File Viewers

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