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Hardware Compatibility List

This page lists hardware that has been tested with the MDP Engineer's Desktop and Library disk. It is divided into a number of sections - Computers, Graphics, Sound, and Network. Be aware that even if your computer is reported to work, you may still have problems due to difficulties with other specific pieces of hardware, such as your graphics, sound, or network cards.

Machine Specifications

The sections below detail some general specifications that your computer should have to achieve reasonable performance from the MDP ED&L disk. The specifications should currently be considered as approximate - please email if your experiences differ.

Memory (RAM):

Less than 64Mb Will cause problems
128Mb or more Recommended (especially for running large applications like Open Office)
256Mb or more Recommended for Pro/Engineer

Processor speed:

400 MHz Minimum speed recommended for reasonable performance
less than 600MHz Likely to make Pro/Engineer difficult to use
1 GHz or more Recommended for Pro/Engineer

CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive speed:

Since all the programs run directly from CD, the speed that data is read from your CD-ROM drive is particularly important. However, the speed rating on a drive should be taken as a guideline only, since the actual speed that data is read from a CD-ROM depends on many factors.

24x CD (2x DVD) Minimum speed suggested for reasonable performance
40x CD (8x DVD) or faster Recommended

Tested Hardware

The working status of hardware is classified into three categories:

The following list applies to the latest version of the MDP Resource CD (0.1.6). If you have problems, then you should make sure that you are using the latest version.

This list will hopefully become more comprehensive with time. If you have any corrections, or would like to submit results for other hardware, then please email .


Manufacturer ModelWorks? Further information
DellOptiplex GX270Yes
Intel??? Unknown Pentium III computer ??? Yes


Manufacturer ModelWorks? Further information
NVidiaGeForce 2Yes
NVidiaGeForce FX 5200Yes


Manufacturer ModelWorks? Further information
3ComEtherLink III ISA(Yes) See Loading Problems
Intel82540EM Gigabit EthernetYes


Manufacturer ModelWorks? Further information