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University Specific Information

The EDaL disk has a number of functions to enable easy access to the user's home organisation where the connections exist. If information about connecting to your specific establishment is not listed below please see the MDP website or the MDP forums for further information.

Cambridge University Engineering Department

Connect to CUED's File System

Once the network is connected, you can access your Engineering department files by selecting =>Start =>Settings =>Access CUED files. For this facility to be usable, you probably require a reasonably fast network connection. A college network connection should be fast enough.

If direct mounting of the disks is slow or unstable, i.e. due to a inconsistant broadbaand connection, it may be easier to use the gFTP application, => Start => Programs => Internet => gFTP. Select the ftp server you wish to use and enter your username and password. See the CUED ftp page for further help.


Connect to MIT's Athena

First, make sure that you are connected to the network. To copy files, you must use scp to securely transfer file. Unsecure transfers are no longer allowed by MIT. See the FAQ for instructions on secure connections to MIT. Also, more information is available here from MIT I/S on using scp.