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Why the MDP ED&L Disk System?

This document describes why the MDP EDaL disk was created, how the project evolved and what benefits it offers.

History of the EDaL Disk

The MDP disk was originally conceived as a simple database of textual resources to support the main aims of the MDP. However, it was soon became apparent that although engineering courses were becoming more reliant on software package many students did not have easy access to main stream software when off campus. A review of the options for ensuring students had opportunities to use experiment with a range of software showed that the system would have to be essentially free and also easy for students to install and academic staff to support. Further studies were undertaken into exactly which operating system such a system should be developed for and although Windows would seem the most obvious it brought a number of difficult support issues. The decision was taken to use a live Linux disk which removed a number of installation issues and gave access to a wealth of open source/free software that has been developed for Linux together with possible future extension to other computer architectures, e.g. Macs.

Principle Aims Of The EDaL Disk System

During the period of the project the capabilities of the system has been extended in a number of ways including:

Benefits of the EDaL Disk

Most of the benefits of the MDP EDaL disk are common to all Linux Live CD/DVDs. However, the MDP disk(s) contains applications and resources specific to education and engineering, and runs better on low specification machines than many of the heavy-weight Live CDs. However, if you are not interested in education or engineering, then it may be better to start with a more general purpose Live CD, such as one of the following :